Text Box: Merit Badges

While many merit badges are earned at summer camp or during special activities organized by the troop, scouts are highly encouraged to pursue merit badges on their own.  Merit badges are designed to expose scouts to many hobbies, sports, crafts, and professions.  During the course of earning merit badges it is common for scouts to pick up a life-long hobby or find their professional calling. 

Before starting work towards a merit badge it is important to contact a merit badge counselor for the badge.  Advancement Chair, Mrs. George, may be able to help you find a merit badge counselor right in Troop 40!  The merit badge counselor will review the requirements with you and help guide you through the process of earning the merit badge.  The counselor is the person to whom you prove that you’ve earned the merit badge by fulfilling the requirements. You must turn in your “blue card” for your merit badges to be tracked on the SCOUTBOOK program.  See Mrs. George for a print out of your current badges.

Often the first step after contacting the merit badge councilor is obtaining a book about the desired merit badge.  The merit badge book contains the requirements for the merit badge.  The book also contains much of the information needed to fulfill the requirements.  The merit badge books may be obtained from several places.  Troop 40 has a library of merit badge books.  The most up-to-date merit badge books are for sale at the Council Office.   Other scouts may have a copy of the merit badge book that they would let you borrow.

Go to https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement-and-awards/merit-badges/ to find worksheets for each merit badge.  Remember many classes at camp will require you to complete some sections as “pre requisites” prior to your arrival at camp.  Be prepared!